Sacred Sexuality: sex versus conscious love-making

Let’s talk about sex shall we?  We are human beings and we are sexual beings, it is only natural and normal to enjoy having sex (or not for that matter, however you feel about it is legitimate).  Our sexuality is sacred. Our sexual energy is actually the most powerful we actually have. It allows usContinue reading “Sacred Sexuality: sex versus conscious love-making”

Things and people are not yours to possess: practicing non-attachment

Aparigraha or non-attachment is an essential moral guideline in yoga philosophy (yamas). It’s an important principle for me, it changed my views and led me to reconsider my relationship with myself and the world. Buddha said that the root of suffering is attachment. But what does attachment really mean? Attachment is clinging onto things andContinue reading “Things and people are not yours to possess: practicing non-attachment”