I offer personalized classes and teach all levels from beginners to advanced. Yoga is for everybody and as a teacher my mission is also to make yoga available to everybody. My intention is to provide a safe, judgement-free space and practice for my students. I feel grateful and honored to guide and help anyone their own yoga journey.

I offer Vinyasa (fast-paced creative flows) classes. Hatha, Yin and restorative (slow paced) classes are possible upon request.

Classes are given via Zoom, in 1:1 private sessions and group outdoor sessions in the Amsterdam area. Group outdoor sessions will be advertised in advance via this page and my personal Instagram.

I build tailor made classes for private sessions, based on your physical abilities and limitations and according to what you wish to practice. We will discuss this prior to our first class.

Group classes have each a theme and/or a focus. The information will be available to you prior to the session.

I offer classes in English or French. Spanish is also possible upon request.

All classes can be requested via the book a class form and are donation based.

What to expect:

All my classes are influenced by my own practice.

VINYASA: We start with a centering practice (meditation, breathwork) and gentle warm up. We continue with a fast-paced flow mixing sun salutations, standing balances, backbends, inversions and a variety of asanas. We will finish with a cool down and relaxing savasana. I also like to use quotes, poems and music during our practice.

HATHA / YIN / RESTORATIVE: are slower-paced tailor-made classes depending on your needs.

Useful information FOR ONLINE CLASSES:

  1. Download Zoom ( preferably on your desktop and login with the meeting ID and password. The credentials will be sent to you prior to the class.
  2. Set up your practice space in advance: Have a yoga or fitness mat ready and some space to practice. I encourage you to use props such as blocks, cushions or straps. I will always inform you about which props are needed prior to the class. If you have sensitive knees it might be useful to have an extra blanket available as well.
  3. If you have questions please send me an email at

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